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Zakharova A.V., Berdnikova A.N., Tarbeeva A.N., Matvienko V.N. High intensity interval testing for fitness control of young football players

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2015.06.124.p70-75
High intensity interval testing for fitness control of young football players
Anna Valeryevna Zakharova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor,
Anastasia Nikolaevna Berdnikova, the undergraduate,
Alyona Nikolaevna Tarbeeva, the undergraduate,
Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg,
Vladimir Nikolaevich Matvienko, the coach,
Youth sport school of Olympic reserve “VIZ”, Ekaterinburg

The article is devoted to the features and content of young football players’ fitness level control. The experimental results of the young athletes’ interval running tests are under consideration. The principles and statements of interval running test results interpretation are given. On the basis of the analysis of the received results the training improvement and individualization recommendations are offered.
Keywords: stage control, fitness level, interval testing, young football players.
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