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Khotimchenko A.V., Kargapolov V.P., Kolesnikova A.P., Zolotarev S.K. Features of powerlifting development by protocols IPF of world championships among women

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.3.p450-456
Features of powerlifting development by protocols IPF of world championships among women
Alla Vasilievna Khotimchenko, the professor, Valery Pavlovich Kargapolov, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Anna Petrovna Kolesnikova, the senior teacher, Sergey Konstantinovich Zolotarev, the teacher, Pacific State University, Khabarovsk

The article presents the results of the analysis of the dynamics of the development of the international women's powerlifting Federation IPF. The purpose of this study is to identify the features of the development of women's powerlifting according to the protocols of the IPF World Championships of the equipment division. The content analysis of the documentary materials of the IPF Women's Powerlifting World Championships over the past forty years, starting with the first World Championship (1980), allowed us to determine some of its features. The research allowed us to identify 3 stages of the development of the world women's powerlifting, each of which has its own characteristic features. According to the results of the research, the most popular women's weight categories of the world women's powerlifting and the age characteristics of the competition leaders of different years were determined.
Keywords: protocols, powerlifting, IPF Federation, weight categories, age of leaders, competitions.
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