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Osolodkova E.V., Korchemkina Yu.V., Belousova N.A. Formation in students of rational diet in the health-saving module

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.3.p317-320
Formation in students of rational diet in the health-saving module
Elena Vladimirovna Osolodkova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Yulia Valeryevna Korchemkina, the senior teacher, Natalya Anatolyevna Belousova, the doctor of biological sciences, senior lecturer, South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Chelyabinsk

Insufficient attention to the daily routine and nutrition is the cause of problems related to the health and vitality of students. The analysis of the diet and diet of junior students is carried out. In the course of the analysis, it was found that the daily intake of energy does not cover the body's energy costs established for this contingent of students, nutrition is not chemically balanced, and the diet is physiologically irrational. The identified problems are proposed to be solved by including questions and topics related to the organization of nutrition in the program of disciplines of a health-preserving module.
Keywords: rational nutrition, natural biological disciplines, higher education.

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