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Bakhareva E.V., Pruzhinina M.V., Pruzhinin K.N., Slonimskaya L.I. Features of training of single skaters at the training stage

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.3.p41-45
Features of training of single skaters at the training stage
Elena Vladimirovna Bakhareva, the doctor of biological sciences, professor, Marina Viktorovna Pruzhinina, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Konstantin Nikolaevich Pruzhinin, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Lyudmila Ivanovna Slonimskaya, the senior lecturer, Irkutsk State University

Interest in figure skating, as a complex-coordination sport, is caused, among other things, as a multi-component movement with the simultaneous execution of various combinations of basic elements, and an incomparable aesthetic pleasure for fans and fans of this sport. However, under the apparent ease of performing steps, spirals of rotations and jumps lies the difficult and multifaceted work of an athlete. The purpose of the study. Identification of the relationship between the volume of components of technical training in the training process for single skaters on the effectiveness of the training process and sports achievements. Methodology and organization of the study. The experiment involved athletes engaged in figure skating at the basic level of training. For the experimental group, the ratio of general physical training, special physical training, as well as choreographic and ice training was changed. The results of the study and conclusions. The proposed ratio of types of training allowed to strengthen the quality of all types of training.
Keywords: technical training, components of technical training, level of skating, choreographic training.

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