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Starovoitova O.P., Tkach A.V., Sotnikov E.S. Improvement of physical qualities of military men with static and isometric exercises

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p474-477
Improvement of physical qualities of military men with static and isometric exercises
Olga Petrovna Starovoitova, the teacher, Alexander Valerievich Tkach, the teacher, Evgeny Sergeevich Sotnikov, the senior teacher, Military Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

The article deals with the issues of improving the physical qualities of military man in the conditions of being outside the points of permanent deployment (during field trips, exercises, etc.), as well as in the absence of the possibility to use the educational and material base for physical training. Research has revealed and in the course of the pedagogical experiment it was confirmed that the most effective means of improving physical qualities in these conditions are static and isometric exercises. The results obtained are proposed to be included in the physical training program.
Keywords: physical training, static and isometric exercises.

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