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Pryanikova N.G., Kozyakov R.V., Kashenkov Yu.B., Ivanov D.A. Improving the speed and strength abilities of army hand-to-hand combat 15-16 years old athletes

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p425-430
Improving the speed and strength abilities of army hand-to-hand combat 15-16 years old athletes
Natalia Gennadyevna Pryanikova, the candidate of pedagogical science, senior lecturer, Moscow international University; Roman Valerievich Kozyakov, the candidate of psychological science, senior lecturer, Gzhel State University, Moscow district; Yuri Borisovich Kashenkov, the senior teacher, Dmitry Anatolievich Ivanov, the teacher, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Moscow

At the course of hand-to-hand combat, physical health and active development of the individual, striving for self-improvement, is formed. The issues of improving the training process effectiveness of army hand-to-hand combat fighters (AHHC) are particularly urgent today. The aim of the work is to justify the effectiveness of the improving speed and strength abilities (SSA) of 15-16 years old AHHC athletes by means of special-preparatory exercises. Research objectives: Develop a method of improving the SSA of 15-16 years old AHHC athletes. To test the effectiveness of the proposed technique by assessing its impact on the level of physical fitness of athletes and the degree of development of their SSA. Methods and research organization. The study was conducted for 6 months. Twenty-four athletes took part in the pedagogical experiment. During the course of the study, a method of improvement of the AHHC fighters was developed, which included not only exercises for the development of strength, speed and endurance, but also the development of the SSA with special means in the form of simulator devices based on amortizing load. The technical action, speed and speed of movement were analyzed using “Coach's Eye” software. The results of the study. The proposed method after 6 months of application has a positive effect on the development of speed and strength abilities of AHHC athletes. The difference in indicators before and after the experiment was statistically significant (at p<0.05). After the experiment, the average relative deviations in the speed of turns improved in EG by 11.19% in relation to CG (at p<0.05), and the speed of movement in EG was better by 14.55% than in CG (at p<0.05). Conclusions. Targeted use of special-training exercises and simulator devices based on amortizing load, aimed at improving the speed and strength qualities in the training process of AHHC athletes increases the level of their speed and strength abilities.
Keywords: speed and strength abilities, special physical training, army hand-to-hand combat, 15-16 years old athletes.

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