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Prigоda G.S., Sidorenko A.S. Flovoten – a new sports game, as derived from floorball and tennis

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p420-423
Flovoten – a new sports game, as derived from floorball and tennis
Gennady Sergeevich Prigоda, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Alexander Sergeevich Sidorenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation

Training of teachers of the SUAI floorball team in improving kicks and passes led to the appearance of a new sports game – floorball, which combines elements of the floorball game and is held on a standard volleyball court according to the rules of lawn tennis. Playing one - on-one or pair-on-pair is very similar to lawn tennis, but instead of rackets, participants use floorball sticks and there is no dividing grid on the court. The methodology, organization and rules of the game were developed and tested at training sessions on physical culture with the direct participation of students. The first games demonstrated high dynamics of the game and interest in it on the part of young people, which makes it possible to include flovoten in work programs on physical culture at the University and use it as training for floorball players. Conclusions. Flovoten, as an independent sport, can be held in any standard gyms and perfectly develops the basic physical qualities of a student-athlete, without requiring special equipment.
Keywords: new kind of sport, flovoten, physical culture in high school, students.

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