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Kasintsev S.A., Goncharova N.A., Rustamov N.M., Skrynnik O.V. Football in Russia in the late XIX – early XX centuries

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p215-219
Football in Russia in the late XIX - early XX centuries
Sergey Anatolievich Kasintsev, the candidate of historical sciences, senior lecturer, Natalia Alekseevna Goncharova, the senior teacher, Nurlan Mirzajan ogly Rustamov, the master student, School of Education branch of Far-Eastern Federal University, Ussuriisk; Olga Viktorovna Skrynnik, the senior teacher, Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture, Ussuriisk

The article examines the process of the origin and development of football in Russia in the late 19th – early 20th centuries. Football was brought to Russia by British sailors, who were the main promoters of football in the Russian capital at the turn of the century. Football became popular in Moscow shortly after it appeared in the capital. Here it existed in the form of officially registered clubs. Despite the inadmissibility of the minors in sports societies (teams), the popularity of football was quite high among students. Another characteristic feature of the sports movement at the beginning of the century was the development of football among workers. The increase in the number of teams required the development of uniform rules for the game of football. There was one more problem - refereeing. Gradually, football conquered city after city, and by the time the All-Russian Football Union (A-RFU) was created in 1912, it ceased to be the privilege of the two capitals and developed through the country.
Keywords: City football league, football clubs, football rules, football in the regions of the country.

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