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Kadeeva O.E., Grevtsov K.Yu., Syritsyna V.N., Ilchenko O.Yu. Method of projects in informatics lessons by using visual means of information technology

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p211-215
Method of projects in informatics lessons by using visual means of information technology
Oksana Evgenievna Kadeeva, the candidate of philosophical sciences, Kirill Yuryevich Grevtsov, the student, Valentina Nikolaevna Syritsyna, senior lecturer, Oleg Yuryevich Ilchenko, the student, Far Eastern Federal University, Ussuriysk

This article considers the main directions of the development of the methodological system of teaching informatics by using the project method as a means of solving the general pedagogical problems of developmental and educational nature. Purpose: comprehensive analysis of the most effective ways of realization of the set tasks during the creative project implementation with further development of methodological recommendations on the use of the project method in computer science training. The task of the study is to analyze the work of students on projects in the educational process and determine their additional interests in the field of creative project activities and preparation for project protection. Methods: theoretical analysis of sources and study of design technology; piloting the development and implementation of project activities in the field of computer education; monitoring of students' work processes; poll. The result: to find out the pedagogical possibilities, features and conditions of using design technologies in computer science lessons based on the analysis of literature and existing pedagogical experience; simulate the learning activities of a creative project in a computer lesson and develop the skills to apply project activities to computer education.
Keywords: project method, visual means of learning, creative activity, school course of informatics, student.

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