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Alekseeva N.D., Davydov M.V., Ivachev A.A., Smirnov A.S. Training to alpine skiing techniques for children aged 4–8 years old in instructor services

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.11.p7-12
Training to alpine skiing techniques for children aged 4–8 years old in instructor services
Nadezhda Dmitrievna Alekseeva, the senior teacher, Maksim Vasilievich Davydov, the senior teacher, Aleksandr Alekseevich Ivachev, the senior teacher, Aleksandr Sergeevich Smirnov, the assistant, Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" named after D.F. Ustinov, St. Petersburg

In Alpine skiing, the problem of training specialists of instructor services is acute. Training with an unqualified instructor can lead not only to the formation of incorrect motor patterns, but also significantly increases the potential level of injuries at the initial stage of training. The purpose of the study: to determine the trends in learning the technique of skiing, to develop a methodology for selecting special preparatory exercises for children aged 4–8 years. Organization of research. There were considered the data available in the scientific literature on a number of problems: skiing with the system of mass sports improvement, health and physical development of children with the use of ski sports, professional competence in the field of ski tourism, the basics of skiing techniques and learning trends, children's injuries, characteristics of the sport. Research result. Based on the analysis of scientific and methodological literature, we determined the sequence of training in mountain skiing, training trends. The article also presents 5 groups of specially developed preparatory exercises, instructions, current controls, distribution of developed sets of exercises in accordance with the steepness of the slope, additional recommendations for instructors.
Keywords: alpine skiing, technical training, ski instructor, children's sports, instructor service.

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