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Mishneva S.D. Temperament and role selection in basketball

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p248-253
Temperament and role selection in basketball
Svetlana Danisovna Mishneva, the senior teacher, Ural state University of Railway Transport, Ekaterinburg

The article attempts to consider one of the problems of modern training in basketball, which is to identify the optimal playing role of each athlete. The character and temperament of an athlete is determined by the genotype, so taking into account these traits, as well as the properties of the nervous system, can determine the successful choice of the role of a player and gaming activities in general. A study was conducted on the test "Temperament type" in students of the national team of USUPS in basketball. Simultaneously with the survey, the game roles of athletes were determined and the relationship of these characteristics with their type of higher nervous activity was revealed. The regularities are revealed and recommendations are given in improving psychological training in the educational and training process.
Keywords: temperament, role, basketball, psychological preparation, educational and training process.
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