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Mitrokhina A.S. Formation of the motivational-value component of the production and technological competence future students of the chemistry department

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p242-248
Formation of the motivational-value component of the production and technological competence future students of the chemistry department
Anna Sergeevna Mitrokhina, the senior teacher, Ryazan State University named by S.A. Esenin

Currently, one of the main directions of the concept of education development is the quality education of future specialists and ensuring their competitiveness. The success of their career depends on the degree of development of the competence of future graduates. Modern chemists should have significant knowledge and skills in the field of production and technological activities. One of the most important components of the production and technological competence of future chemists is the motivational value component. The article defines the content of this component. The presence of a motivational-value component in the structure of competence is due to the fact that future chemists should have values, motives, goals, needs, values, and personal qualities that ensure the willingness to apply chemical and technological knowledge and skills in solving professional problems, the willingness to take a researcher’s position in the scientific technical and industrial fields. This component contributes to the growth of interest in professional activities, the creative manifestation of personality in the profession; It is aimed at the formation of abilities for independent activity, self-training and self-development. The diagnostics of the motivational-value component was carried out by measuring the level of development of motivation, which determines the interest and value attitude to innovative production and technological activities, positive motivation for independent and scientific research, the desire for self-actualization, self-training, self-discipline. To determine the indicators of the level of formation of the motivational-valuable component of future chemists, interviews were used; self-actualization test (SAT), designed to diagnose the level of self-actualization; professional motivation questionnaire and more. Based on the experiment, in conclusion, conclusions were drawn about the low level of motivational and valuable component of production and technological competence among future chemists, as well as about the need to develop a system for preparing future chemists for production and technological activities.
Keywords: student; chemist; motivation; creation; personality self-development; professional activity; production-technological competence.

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