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Milashechkina E.A., Dubina M.N., Erbutaeva Z.K. Motivational and value orientations of students of legal specialties in the field of physical culture

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p237-242

Motivational and value orientations of students of legal specialties in the field of physical culture
Elena Anatolyevna Milashechkina, the candidate of biological sciences, senior lecturer, Margarita Nikolaevna Dubina, the student, Zarina Komilovna Erbutaeva, the student, RUDN University, Moscow

The study presents the analysis of motives, interests, values of students of legal specialties in the field of physical culture. Reduction of motor activity of students is confirmed by numerous scientific studies, it is especially important to identify the attitude to this problem in future professionals whose profession is associated with long-term maintenance of working posture and low physical activity. The study was attended by students Of the Russian University of friendship of peoples of legal specialties. Identification of propensities interests and value attitude to physical culture was determined by the results of the questionnaire interactively. As a result of the obtained data, it was determined that about a third of students do not engage in any additional type of motor activity; the main goals of students engaged in physical exercises is to maintain health and a beautiful figure; the majority of respondents desire to engage in a certain type of motor activity in physical education does not coincide with their interests. It was also revealed that more than half of the students would like to receive additional education in the field of physical culture.
Keywords: physical culture, motor activity, health, motivational and value orientations.

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