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Kolesnikova D.V., Bondarenko M.P., Miroshnikova S.S., Ponomarev A.A. Economic problems and obstacles in the development of the sports industry in the capital

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p129-133
Economic problems and obstacles in the development of the sports industry in the capital
Darya Viktorovna Kolesnikova, the student, Maya Pavlovna Bondarenko, the candidate of economical sciences, senior lecturer, Snezhanna Sergeevna Miroshnikova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher, Andrey Alexandrovich Ponomarev, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher, Volgograd State Physical Education Academy
The sports industry acts as a full-fledged segment of the market economy of any country in the world. It is the sports industry, using economic levers of development, that allows you to influence the health of the entire nation. First of all, this applies to the growing revenue from the sale of tickets for all possible sports events, which attracts millions of spectators in the stands during its passage. That is why the competent and rational development of the sports industry market is very important. The article presents the results of the analysis that reflects the main problems and obstacles in the development of the sports industry of the capital. Given the complex epidemiological situation, it is most relevant to provide various options for the population to continue playing sports while minimizing large crowds. All this is possible with a well-functioning sports industry. The results of the study were obtained with a detailed analysis of publicly available results of marketing research of analytical agencies, the study of decisions made based on the results of round tables on the designated problem.
Keywords: sports industry, sports, sports activities, sports goods, sports services.

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Article arrived in edition 13.01.2021
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