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Garina E.V., Voronova N.N., Smirnova N.I., Lobanova O.L. Teaching students to swim, taking into account their individual characteristics and to mastering basic swimming skills

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p46-50
Teaching students to swim, taking into account their individual characteristics and to mastering basic swimming skills
Evgeniya Vladimirovna Garina, the senior teacher, Natalya Nikolaevna Voronova, the senior teacher, Nataliya Ivanovna Smirnova, the senior teacher, Olga Leonidovna Lobanova, the senior teacher, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Swimming is one of the main means of physical education, due to which it is included in the content of physical education programs of higher educational institutions. The goal is to prove that, taking into account the predisposition of the trainees to a certain method of swimming, it will significantly reduce the time for mastering the swimming skill. During the lessons, swimming readiness was assessed, testing was carried out and an individual inclination to a particular way of swimming was determined, indicators of mastering basic swimming skills were demonstrated. According to the indices of performing exhalation into water, sliding to a distance and swimming in a sporty way, it was revealed that in the experimental group the results were higher than in the control group, which was reliably confirmed by the method of mathematical statistics (P < 0.05).
Keywords: students, swimming, individual characteristics, swimming methods, swimming skills.
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