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Alikhodzhin R.R., Karpinsky A.A. Systematization of motor errors in game sports

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2021.1.p21-24
Systematization of motor errors in game sports
Rustam Rashitovich Alikhodzhin, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Anton Anatolyevich Karpinsky, the teacher, Russian University of transport, Moscow

The article presents the results of research on the justification of the systematization of motor errors in game sports, the feature of which is the reflection of most of the signs to ensure the reliability of performing sports motor actions. The practical significance of the proposed systematization is that, based on the developed scheme, when studying motor errors in game sports activities, to identify and overcome them to increase the effectiveness of sports improvement of students of higher school.
Keywords: motor errors, game sports, motor actions, reliability.
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