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Karelina N.N., Konkin I.V., Serdtseva A.A., Simakov V.V., Simakov D.V. Self-control of students of the special medical group in the conditions of distance learning in physical culture

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.12.p89-93
Self-control of students of the special medical group in the conditions of distance learning in physical culture
Nataliya Nikolaevna Karelina, the senior teacher, Igor Vladimirovich Konkin, the senior teacher, Alexandra Andreevna Serdtseva, the senior teacher, Vladimir Vladimirovich Simakov, the senior lecturer, Denis Vladimirovich Simakov, the senior teacher, Moscow State Regional University, Mytischi, Moscow region

The article deals with the training of students of the special medical group in self-control skills under the distance learning. The methodology of mastering the skills of some methods of self-control by students of the special medical group, which allow analyzing the state of health and functional state of the student's body during the remote training, is proposed. The study reveals some theoretical, organizational, pedagogical and methodological aspects of the application of distance learning in physical culture with students of the special medical group. It is concluded that this method contributes to the successful development of the higher education program in the discipline "Physical culture" in the special medical group on distance learning and leads to good academic performance of students.
Keywords: higher education, distance learning, online learning, teaching, self-monitoring, special medical group, students, physical education.
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