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Kargapolov V.P., Khotimchenko A.V., Kolesnikova A.P., Simonov A.P., Zolotarev S.K. Study of the correlation of physical preparedness, health of students with motivation to exercise

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.12.p83-88
Study of the correlation of physical preparedness, health of students with motivation to exercise
Valery Pavlovich Kargapolov, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Alla Vasilevna Khotimchenko, the professor, Anna Petrovna Kolesnikova, the senior teacher, Anatoly Pavlovich Simonov, the senior teacher, Sergey Konstantinovich Zolotarev, the teacher, Pacific State University, Khabarovsk

Introduction. The studies of many authors testify to the natural tendency towards decrease in the state of health, physical fitness of student youth. Motives to the large extent determine the attitude of female students to physical culture activity. The purpose of the research is to determine the relationship between physical fitness, health of female students with motivation for physical activity. Research methods and organization. The indicators of physical preparedness, personality traits, professional readiness of girls with different levels of motivation for physical culture and sports activity were studied. Conclusions. Because of the study, it was revealed that girls with a high level of motivation for physical activity have a higher physical status, and the relationship between physical preparedness, health and motivation for physical activity is clearly observed.
Keywords: physical preparedness, motivation, health, physical activity.
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