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Vetrova Yu.V., Beletsky A.A., Morozova D.A. Prerequisites for the emergence of shooting in the system of professional and applied sports

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.12.p23-27
Prerequisites for the emergence of shooting in the system of professional and applied sports
Yuliya Vladimirovna Vetrova, the candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer, Belgorod Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Alexander Alexandrovich Beletsky, the senior teacher, Daria Alexandrovna Morozova, the teacher, Volgograd Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

The article examines the main prerequisites and aspects of the formation of shooting sports, in particular, biathlon and service biathlon. Service biathlon is one of the most intensively developing service and applied sports. This discipline has been cultivated for many years not only in the Armed Forces of Russia, but also in all power structures of law enforcement agencies. This sport develops in the employees of the internal affairs bodies such necessary qualities as endurance, concentration when performing shooting techniques, responsibility, fortitude, determination, ability to shoot quickly and accurately, and ability to maintain composure during the natural stress state, which indicates the relevance of the research topic.
Keywords: biathlon, service and applied sports, history of biathlon development, training of biathlon shooters.
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