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Sokur B.P. Speed-power training of tennis players aged 14-15 years old

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.10.p343-347
Speed-power training of tennis players aged 14-15 years old
Boris Pavlovich Sokur, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sport, Omsk

The article presents the main methodological approaches related to the peculiarities of speed-strength training of tennis players aged 14-15 years. A methodological approach to the selection of special means and methods for the development of speed-power qualities of a tennis player, including his ability to develop a large effort in a short period of time, in relation to movements on the site and striking actions, is considered. The positive influence of plyometric exercises on increasing the level of speed-power readiness of 14-15 year old tennis players is experimentally substantiated, and, accordingly, by the effectiveness of an athlete's actions on the court, preventing injuries, as well as improving the development and improvement of the most progressive game techniques. The practical materials of the article can be used in the training process with tennis players of 14-15 years old of various qualifications. This work develops the direction of using the means and methods of speed-strength training of tennis players in order to optimize their training process.
Keywords: tennis players 14-15 years old, speed-strength training, isometric, concentric, eccentric muscular actions, plyometric exercises.
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