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Lesheva N.S., Grigoriev V.I., Mironova O.V., Rysev Yu.L., Kurashov V.M. Fitness aerobics as an element of general physical and psychoemotional training of qualified basketball students

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.10.p215-219
Fitness aerobics as an element of general physical and psychoemotional training of qualified basketball students
Natalia Sergeevna Lesheva, the senior teacher, St. Petersburg State University of Architectural and Civil Engineering; Valery Ivanovich Grigoriev, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, St. Petersburg State University of Economics; Olga Vyacheslavovna Mironova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, St. Petersburg named after V. B. Bobkov branch of Russian Customs Academy; Yuri Lvovich Rysev, the assistant, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University; Vadim Makarovich Kurashov, the senior teacher, Military Institute (engineering), St. Petersburg

The peculiarities of the training of student basketball teams largely depend on the sports and material base of the university. In most institutions, there is a shortage of training grounds, the lack of specialized simulators and other necessary expensive equipment. The authors of the article on the example of national teams of universities propose the use of innovative means and methods of the modern fitness industry to solve the current problem. The aim of the study was to develop and pilot the application of aerobic training techniques for qualified female basketball students during the preparatory period. The specially developed set of physical exercises is based on the principles of organizing classes, choosing a load and compiling a training program for fitness aerobics. The obtained results allow us to say that fitness aerobics is one of the most effective means of developing high-speed power qualities, coordinating movements, general and strength endurance, and also positively affects the emotional state of athletes, allowing you to more easily adapt to heavy power loads.
Keywords: fitness, aerobics, basketball, students, general physical fitness, psycho-emotional readiness.
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