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Eganov A.V., Chibichik Yu.E. Study of relation of parameter of motor-coordination ability of timeliness of performance of technical action in a duel engaged in sports types of single combats

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.10.p126-132
Study of relation of parameter of motor-coordination ability of timeliness of performance of technical action in a duel engaged in sports types of single combats
Alexander Vasilievich Eganov, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Yulia Evgenievna Chibichik, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Ural State University of Physical Culture, Chelyabinsk

Introduction. In sports types of single combats competitive activity takes place in conditions of performance of various motor tactical and technical complexes carried out in unexpectedly emerging situations. Such activities require the manifestation, timeliness of technical action. The purpose of the study. Studying the dependence of the manifestation of the parameter of coordination ability of timeliness manifested in a duel. Methodology and organization of the study. The study involved athletes aged 17 to 25 years. The sample included male athletes engaged in martial arts: sambo, judo, hand-to-hand combat, kickboxing, kyokushin, boxing, taekwondo in the amount of 168 people. To obtain materials, a technique of self-assessment of motor coordination abilities on a ten-point scale was applied. Study results and conclusions. Parameter of motor-coordination ability timeliness of performance of technical action of duel manifesting in dynamic situation, engaged in single combats revealed reliable direct correlation dependence with the following indicators of readiness: special motor coordination; differentiation of time of separate phases of technical action; rhythm; orientation in space; coordination of movements over time of individual body parts; coordination of movements of individual body parts; orientation in space; adaptation of technical actions; improvisation; the adequacy of movements; resourcefulness. The motor ability and timeliness of the technical action is also associated with the preference to perform technical actions with the left hand and both hands, with the experience of sports and sportsmanship.
Keywords: coordination, timeliness, technique, actions, martial arts, sambo, judo, boxing, asymmetry, sports result.
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