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Dezhurova E.V. On the issue of diagnostics of psychological characteristics of persons prone to alcoholism

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.9.p461-464
On the issue of diagnostics of psychological characteristics of persons prone to alcoholism
Ekaterina Viktorovna Dezhurova, the candidate of psychological sciences, senior lecturer, Academy of Federal Service of Execution of Punishments of the Russian Federation, Ryazan

One of the main goals of the penal policy is to reduce the recidivism of crimes committed by persons who have served a sentence of imprisonment by increasing the efficiency of social and psychological work in places of imprisonment. The article examines the conducted psychological research, which reveals one of the most acute and debatable issues - the destructive behavior of convicts against the background of their aggressive state due to the lack of fulfillment of addictive needs. It is the destructive behavior that initiates the dynamics of negative socio-psychological phenomena in the colony and points to various hotbeds of conflicts and situations of violence. The study of the psychological characteristics of addicts remains one of the most important problems of modern penitentiary psychological support. Knowledge of these features makes it possible to choose the optimal route of psychological support for convicts using a number of preventive measures to overcome their addictive attitudes.
Keywords: alcohol dependence, convicts with addictive behavior, addictive attitudes, determinants of destructive behavior, psychological characteristics of the personality of convicts.
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