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Butorin V.V., Koroleva A.D. Formation of stress resistance to adverse factors of equestrian activity in teenagers

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.9.p451-456
Formation of stress resistance to adverse factors of equestrian activity in teenagers
Vladimir Vladimirovich Butorin, the candidate of pedagogic sciences, senior lecturer, Anna Dmitrievna Koroleva, the master student, Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, Malakhovka

The article considers the personal qualities of an athlete that determine the stress resistance to adverse factors of competitive activity. The author's program on the formation of stress resistance is proposed. Selected psychodiagnostic methods that allow to identify stress resistance in the conditions of training and competitive activities of adolescent athletes engaged in equestrian sports. Stress tolerance is revealed as a set of personal and psychophysiological qualities that allow an athlete to bear significant intellectual, volitional and emotional loads caused by the peculiarities of sports activity.
Keywords: equestrianism, teenage athletes, personal and psychophysiological qualities of stress tolerance, stress tolerance in the conditions of training and competitive activity, the formation of stress tolerance of adolescents in equestrian sports.
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