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Ertman Yu.N., Kovyrshina E.Yu., Kondrashova A.A., Khodus D.V. Improving the technical and tactical training of connecting players when performing second passes in volleyball

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.4.p531-535
Improving the technical and tactical training of connecting players when performing second passes in volleyball
Yury Nikolaevich Ertman, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Elena Yurevna Kovyrshina, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Alena Alexandrovna Kondrashova, the master student, Denis Vyacheslavovich Khodus, the master student, Siberian State University of Physical education and Sports, Omsk

Currently, in the modern theory and methodology of training connecting players in volleyball, there are developed methodological approaches to the formation of the accuracy of the second passes, in the training activities of connecting players. However, this does not allow for the solution of tasks in conditions of direct competitive activity, where when performing the second passes, it is necessary to consider the difficulty of their implementation in different game situations and different body positions when performing transfers. This is determined by the variation of the meeting places with the ball, the need to coordinate passes with the pace of the partners ' exit to the strike and consider the counteractions of blocking opponents. Hence, it is necessary to develop approaches to the directed construction of the training of players of the connecting plan, considering the specific requirements for such activities in competitive conditions.
Keywords: volleyball, connecting players, accuracy, passing the ball.
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