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Tabakov S.E. Theoretical and methodical aspects of inclusion bases of sambo in the program of training and advanced training of flight attendants

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.4.p441-445
Theoretical and methodical aspects of inclusion bases of sambo in the program of training and advanced training of flight attendants
Sergey Evgenyevich Tabakov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism, Moscow

At present, both in Russia and in the world, there is a problem of counteracting the inappropriate behavior of individual passengers on board an aircraft. The aim of the study is to identify the necessary minimum technical and tactical actions of Sambo for use by flight attendants in emergency situations and to check its effectiveness in mastering the course. The following methods were used in the study: analysis of literary and Internet resources, questionnaire survey, timekeeping, modeling, pedagogical experiment, expert assessment, statistical processing of research materials. The study was conducted based on the Training Center No. 21 of “Vnukovo” JSC in 2018. 27 flight attendants took part in the questionnaire. In the pedagogical experiment, 24 flight attendants were involved, 18 of which were included in the experimental group. As a control test, educational and diagnostic tasks in the form of tactical studies with a professional orientation were proposed: “Immobilize”. Research results and discussion. The experimental group improved the benchmark – the time to complete the «Immobilize» task in the process of a pedagogical experiment by an average of 59% (from 19.23 to 7.87 seconds). Analysis of variance showed that the total variation in the results (the sum of the squared deviations from the total average) by 94.1% is determined by the influence of training. Conclusions - The necessary scope of technical and tactical actions of Sambo was revealed to neutralize intruders on board the aircraft for inclusion in the flight attendant training program. The effectiveness of the special course on the basics of Sambo for the preparation of cabin crew was confirmed by significant positive changes in the control exercises during the pedagogical experiment.
Keywords: sambo, flight attendant, inappropriate behavior, passenger, security, training system.
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