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Tarasova L.E. Relationship of the transpersonal perspective with discriminatory attitudes

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.3.p535-541
Relationship of the transpersonal perspective with discriminatory attitudes
Lyudmila Evgenievna Tarasova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Saratov State University

The relevance of the research is due to the need for theoretical and practical understanding of the system of representations of the individual about the future, present and past, to identify their connection with discriminatory attitudes. The results of an empirical study performed in the comparative aspect of time representations of three groups of respondents that differ in the degree of severity of time orientation for each of the five factors identified by Zimbardo are presented. Based on the cluster analysis, three-time transpectual profiles were identified, characterized by a different ratio of time perspective types within the profile. It was found that all the samples recorded a significant relationship between respectively and biases and discriminatory attitudes of low or medium severity towards representatives of communities that differ from them in some way. Conclusions are formulated that a detailed study of the specifics of the relationship between discriminatory attitudes and temporary representations in their relationship makes it possible to consider the factors and individual psychological differences in the formation of a system of personal relations to reality, people around them and to themselves. The necessity and prospects of the studied problem in the consulting practice of the educational psychologist, in the development of preventive programs to reduce the risk of discriminatory behavior are indicated.
Keywords: personality, discriminatory attitudes, biases, past, present, future, transportive.
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