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Siverkina T.E., Kabanova T.A., Vedishcheva T.A., Kachalova T.A. Changes in power indicators for 18-19 year students in the basic group with sports direction (aerobics)

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.3.p407-410
Changes in power indicators for 18-19 year students in the basic group with sports direction (aerobics)
Tatyana Evgenyevna Siverkina, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Irina Alexandrovna Kabanova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Tatyana Alexandrovna Vedishcheva, the senior teacher, Tatyana Anatolyevna Kachalova, the senior teacher, The State University of Management, Moscow

In the process of physical education of the students, the issues of developing the physical qualities, improving motor skills and acquiring new ones are relevant and studied by many scientists. This work investigates the impact of physical education practical exercises with the sports direction (aerobics) on the growing of the 1-2 years students power indicators for the period of one academic year. The data obtained supports the efficiency of physical education process for students engaged in aerobics due to increasing of the functional indicators of the body which help to improve power qualities in subjects of this age group.
Keywords: aerobics, fitness, power indicators, physical development, students.
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