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Serdtseva A.A., Egorov A.B., Pastushenko E.E., Lapshin A.V., Kashkova M.P. Comprehensive assessment of physical preparedness of first-year students by means of GTO standards

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.3.p402-407
Comprehensive assessment of physical preparedness of first-year students by means of GTO standards
Alexandra Andreevna Serdtseva, the senior teacher, Alexey Borisovich Egorov, the senior teacher, Evgenia Evgenievna Pastushenko, senior lecturer, Alexander Vyacheslavovich Lapshin, the senior teacher, Moscow State Region University, Mytischi, Marina Petrovna Kashkova, the senior teacher, State University of Land Use Planning, Moscow

In this article the research on determination of level of physical fitness of student's youth by means of tests (tests) of the "Ready for Labor and Defense" complex was conducted (further – GTO). This made it possible to assess the full picture of the physical readiness of the students being tested. GTO norms have been firmly embedded in modern physical culture and sports. With their help, teachers assess the level of physical preparation of student youth. This allows to adequately select effective means and methods of physical culture, to properly distribute the load among students. 180 people took part in the study, 10 young men and girls from 9 faculties of MGOU (hereinafter – Moscow Region State University). To determine the level of physical preparation students passed the following tests: running on 2000 m (Girls), 3000 m running, (Boys), 100 m running, pulling-up from lying position on a low crossbar (Girls), pulling-up from lying position on a high crossbar (Boys), tilting forward on a gymnastics bench, pushing-up front learning rest position, jumping in length from the place by pushing two legs, Lifting the torso from the position of lying on the back, shuttle running 3x10 m. According to the results of the study among students of the first year of MGOU girls passed the control standards for the assessment "3" and above 78.1%, boys – 77.92%. Of all 180 subjects, GTO standards were passed by "3" and above 78.01%. Thus, almost a quarter of freshmen (21.99%) have a low level of physical preparation. Freshmen of MGOU main and preparatory medical groups have unsatisfactory physical form. In order to bring students from the first course to a better physical condition, it is recommended to introduce physical culture and sports into everyday life, to increase the number of educational classes in physical culture, sections, sport clubs, tourism, general physical training.
Keywords: physical education, physical culture, GTO, assessment, physical fitness, first-year students.
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