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Zakharova E.V. Structure of the psychological defense of patients with tuberculosis

Structure of the psychological defense of patients with tuberculosis
Elena Vladimirovna Zakharova, the candidate of medical sciences, senior lecturer, Department chairman, Samara State Medical University

The article is devoted to the study of the structure of psychological defense of patients with tuberculosis. The detailed medical and social characteristics of the respondents of the experimental group are given. The frequency of occurrence of types of psychological defense in the group of patients with tuberculosis and in the control group for comparison was revealed. The frequency of occurrence in the experimental group of a combination of certain types of psychological defenses, which to a greater extent determine the behavior of subjects in a situation of tuberculosis disease, is analyzed. It was revealed that tuberculosis patients are characterized by the use of more non-adaptive, poorly effective psychological defenses that impede the formation of an adequate perception of the disease and the formation of adaptive behavior in the disease.
Keywords: psychological defense, a patient with tuberculosis, projection, passive aggression, deterrence, attachment, suppression, denial.
  1. Tunik, Ye.Ye. (2010), Psychological protection. Test method, Speech, St. Petersburg.
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