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Shepel S.P., Vnukova E.Yu. Disorders of motor function in the knee joint and preventive measures during physical culture lessons in the economic university

Disorders of motor function in the knee joint and preventive measures during physical culture lessons in the economic university
Svetlana Petrovna Shepel, the candidate of pedagogical sciences,
Elena Yurievna Vnukova, the senior teacher,
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow

Statistics of the last decades steadily draw attention to the disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which have become more “younger”. At the same time, knee joints appear more often. The article presents the results of rapid diagnosis of the functional state of the knee joints of students, which revealed kinesiological disorders (displacement and difficulty sliding) of the patella, suboptimal movements in the knee joints in test exercises and the prerequisites for patellofemoral pain syndrome of the patella. Studies have persuaded the participants to pay special attention to the proposed preventive effects and selection of physical exercises in the warm-up, as well as to perform the correct technique of test exercises.
Keywords: musculoskeletal system, physical exercises, fitness, preventive effects, knee joint, patella.
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