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Mahmood L.H., Mironenko I.N. Self-assessment of abilities to speed-power manifestations of adolescent girls (15–17 years old) in the periods of OMC

Self-assessment of abilities to speed-power manifestations of adolescent girls (15–17 years old) in the periods of OMC
Lobna Haidar Mahmood, the post-graduate student, Syrian Arab Republic; Igor Nikolaevich Mironenko, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Turizm, Moscow

Speed-power efficiency is determined by the ability of athletes to manifest maximum explosive forces in jumping exercises, where the contractile and elastic components of the neuromuscular system are involved. The data obtained from the girls’ athletes (15–17 years old), according to the self-esteem by athletes, the possibility of speed-power manifestations over the OMC periods (Me – 88.6%, PostMe – 95.2%, Ov – 92.4%, PostOv – 100%, PreMe – 99.5%) are reliable for 1% significance level. They give the opportunity in the training to conduct tests of speed-strength capacity of athletes, taking into account their performance over periods of the OMC.
Keywords: Speed-power capacity, ovarian menstrual cycle, ОMC, girl, self-esteem.
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