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Kudryavtseva O.V., Bindusov E.E., Solovykh M.V. Socialization of students in the process of physical education

Socialization of students in the process of physical education
Olga Viktorovna Kudryavtseva, the senior teacher, Moscow University for Industry and Finance "Synergy"; Evgeniy Evgenievich Bindusov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor, Moscow State Academy of Physical Education, Malakhovka; Marina Vasilievna Solovykh, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, State Technical University

The article describes the results obtained as a result of the survey of students. The use of the questionnaire method and calculation of statistical indicators allowed us to make their comparative analysis at the beginning of the pedagogical experiment and at its end. The developed technique used in pedagogical experiment had the orientation of education at students of the social maturity promoting adaptation of trained in the student's environment and successful process of physical education on practical occupations within elective disciplines on physical culture and sport. The description of the developed original technique is given. The effectiveness of the method is reflected in the results of the pedagogical experiment.
Keywords: socialization, students, process of physical education.
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