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Kachalov S.B., Khromov S.E., Antishin A.V. Features of competition activity of leading national teams of Europe in football

Features of competition activity of leading national teams of Europe in football
Sergey Borisovich Kachalov, the candidate of economical sciences, senior lecturer, Sergey Evgenievich Khromov, the senior teacher, State University of Management, Moscow; Alexey Viktorovich Antishin, the master student, Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, Malakhovka

The article analyzes the competitive activities of the leading national football teams participating in the European Championship 2016. It is established that the number of completed technical and tactical actions does not always determine a positive outcome of the game; the quantity and quality of technical and tactical actions is determined by the strength of the opponent and the tactical scheme of the game; with the relative equality of the quantitative indicators of the implementation of techniques in the zones of attack and defense, the percentage of technical defects of defensive actions was lower; in the command structure of the technical and tactical actions, all indicators must be taken into account, since the effectiveness of competitive activity is influenced by each component of the game.
Keywords: football, competitive activity, national teams of Europe, technical and tactical preparedness, volume of total actions, technical fault, attack zone, middle zone, defense zone.
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