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Barkovsky E.S. Importance of professional development of instructors in health clubs and fitness centers

Importance of professional development of instructors in health clubs and fitness centers
Evgeny Sergeevich Barkovsky, the senior teacher,
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow

The study is aimed at creating the new knowledge for the sports instructors focused on new labor functions and narrow profile of professional activity. The course includes mastering the activities of the event manager, preparing video lessons, working with google forms for population surveys, working with mobile applications to control the blood pressure, sleep, number of steps per day, nutrition. Besides, training to work with the electronic log of attendance, work with the sites of the needed information. Algorithmization of the wellness program, taking into accounts the age, gender, preparedness. The course was tested by 34 people, who noted its high practical orientation, new knowledge, opportunities for the electronic registration for the competitions, actions, exhibitions.
Keywords: sport instructor, professional development, fitness, sports organization, electronic devices and applications.
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