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Abramov D.N., Badilin A.O. Cultural and historical retrospective of the problems of physical culture of personality

Cultural and historical retrospective of the problems of physical culture of personality
Dmitry Nikolaevich Abramov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher, Mozhaysky Military Space Academy, St. Petersburg; Alexander Olegovich Badilin, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the senior teacher, The Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg

In the modern conditions of formation and development of the higher education, a number of legislative, program and normative acts adopted in the Russian Federation, is designed to promote rapid and effective reform of the higher education system on the principles of autonomy of higher education institutions, combining education with the science and production in order to prepare the competitive human capital for the high-tech and innovative development of the country, self-realization of the individual, meeting the needs of the society.
Keywords: problems of education, comprehensive development, physical culture of the individual.
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