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Elipkhanov S.B., Zabolotniy A.G., Mamadiev A.K. Peculiarities of changes in physical fitness of students in the learning process

Peculiarities of changes in physical fitness of students in the learning process
Salman Baisultanovich Elipkhanov, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Chechen State Pedagogical University, Grozny; Anatoly Gennadievich Zabolotniy, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Adyghe State University, Maykop; Alik Kozhahmetovich Mamadiev, the candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer, Grozny State Oil Technical University, Grozny

The article studies the issues of the level of physical preparedness of students. Planning, organization of educational process on physical education demands improvement of the methods of teaching, the new forms of educational, health, sports and mass work. The results of analysis of physical fitness between students of the Chechen State Pedagogical University and Adygea State University, not specializing in physical culture and sports, can increase the level of readiness for professional activity based on the data and on the further work on use of the means and methods of physical culture.
Keywords: physical fitness, standards, students, analysis, indicators, learning process.
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