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Zabalueva T.V. Pedagogical aspects of formation the age-specific human posture
Zabalueva T.V. Prevention and correction of posture of schoolchildren in various sports
Zablotskaya Yu.V., Mukhina E.V., Gretz I.A. Significance of sports volunteering in the student social and educational space of universities of physical culture and sports
Zabrodina I.V., Kozlova N.A., Fortygina S.N., Andreeva E.V. Technology of organization of contemporary schools
Zabrodina I.V., Kozlova N.A., Fortygina S.N., Chepurenko A.A. Theoretical and methodological approaches to training future teachers
Zabuga E.V., Karmatskaya E.V., Koval O.I., Kakukhin A.D., Koval I.V. Sociological and pedagogical projection of readiness of the expert for independent administrative activity
Zabuga E.V., Karmatskaya E.V., Koval O.I., Kakukhin A.D., Koval I.V. Sociological design of formation at students of the sports profile of administrative and valeological potential
Zadiran I.I., Sinjaev E.E. Disease preventive support as one of the ways of increase of physical working capacity
Zadorozhnaya N.A., Bulochko A.S., Domozhilova A.A. Study of microcirculation reserves in qualified female fencers
Zadvornaya M.S. Formation and development of teachers of preschool educational organization in the process of continuous learning
Zadvornaya M.S., Ovechkina T.A. Organization of advisory centers for parents of preschoolers: results of research
Zagorodnikova A.Yu. Technology of improving the professional image of sports school coach as a factor of the quality of the teaching and training process
Zagrevskaya A.I. Model of the motor activity of students on the basis of kinesiological approach to sports education
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S. Complex test for assessing integral preparedness of biathletes
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S. Evaluation of shooting preparation parameters and indicators of postural stability of biathletes training at the stage of sports improvement in biathlon
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S. Heart rate of the biathletes with highest qualification on the competitive distances and shooting ranges
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S. Structure and contents of training loads of biathletes on the stage of higher sports mastery
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S., Gushcha S.Yu. Analysis of state and perspectives for development of children's and youth biathlon in the Russian Federation
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S., Lenkova S.A. Technical and tactical actions of high-class biathlon women while passing competitive distances in individual types of the program
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S., Mihalev V.I. Analysis of the performance of biathlon sports national team of Russia throughout the season 2015-2016
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S., Mikhalev V.I. Analysis of tactical options for passing relay races in biathlon
Zagursky N.S., Romanova Ya.S., Poltoratskaya T.V. Dynamics of labile components of body mass, composition of the body and effectiveness of activities among the biathletes of the team of Russia
Zaharova S.I., Kalinin A.V. Acoustic changes in locomotor apparatus under the different stages of overstrain of track and field athletes
Zaiko D.S. Physical training for a high jumper, taking into account individual characteristics
Zainullin Sh.R., Tumarov K.B., Davlyatchina A.R. Influence of non-inertia speed and weight machines on the development of students’ speed and strength qualities
Zaitsev A.A., Zaitseva A.A., Komissarchik K.M., Khalilova L.I. Features of educational and professional motivation of future specialists in the fields of saving and recovery of health
Zaitsev V.N., Tukhvatulin R.M., Kozlova A.E. Types, localization, mechanisms and causes of sport injuries among the young woman-gymnasts
Zaitseva M.A. Structure and the main content of the personal physical culture formation methods at the age of 5-6 by primary means of hip-hop aerobics at preschool educational institutions
Zaitseva N.V. Dynamics of the main indicators of physical fitness of students of North-Eastern State University depending on the standard of training
Zaitseva N.V., Kudlova E.E., Shevchenko S.T. Digital format of the project model of physical education teaching in higher education school
Zakamorny S.O., Smolentseva V.N. Methods of forming among the future trainers the competence in prevention and correction of athlete’s aggression
Zakamsky A.V., Polevshchikov M.M., Rozhentsov V.V. Evaluation of the accuracy of motor actions of athlete in game kinds of sport
Zakharkin I.V., Mikhno L.V., Chichelov L.V. Organization of educational and training process of hockey players at the age of 6-8 years
Zakharkin I.V., Mikhno L.V., Swed S.I., Chichelov I.A. Model of quantitative measurement of effectiveness of attacking and defensive actions of team in ice hockey
Zakharov A.A. About the ways of conservation of ethnic originality of traditional sports at the modern stage of development
Zakharov A.A. Pedagogical assessment of power condition of young men (of 15-16 age) practicing mas-wrestling