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Yablonskikh A.M. Analysis of means and methods of control and remote preparation of athletes in orienteering in self-insulation
Yakimenko O.D. Formation of organizational management competence among bachelor-students specializing in physical education
Yakimenko O.D. The main problems of post-Olympic Games legacy and sustainability management
Yakimova M.I., Khromina T.V. Dynamic complex "Surya Namaskar" in optimization of psychophysical status of women of average age
Yakimovich E.P. Dependence of some psychomotor functions of persons with various displays of typological features of nervous system from solar activity
Yakimovich E.P., Borisenko I.V., Semenova D.V., Surzhik S.S., Doronina N.A. Role of image of educational institution in motivation of teachers’ work
Yakimovich E.P., Khvastunov N.V., Lozovaya V.S., Sapsay I.A., Okolod A.A. Personal and professional profile of the modern teacher
Yakimovich V.S., Burlykov V.D., Proshkin S.N., Barlykov S.M., Tserenov D.P., Marsunov S.N., Gabunshin V.V. Analysis and assessment of indicators of health and physical condition of men aged 25-30 years engaged in regular mini-soccer play
Yakimovich V.S., Egorycheva E.V. Correlation of indicators of health and physical readiness of students with deficiency of the body's weight
Yakimovich V.S., Lomakin A.A. Shock microcycles for the training at improvement of technique of firing for the highly skilled shooters
Yakimovich V.S., Martynenko V.S. Evolution of scientific concepts about human body: analytical review
Yakovlev A.N. Innovative educational system as integration of multi-level education: formation of new ideas about "body" and "corporality" of human during the course of sports activity
Yakovlev A.N. Physical well-being programs efficiency for physical education focused on speed- strength training among higher school students
Yakovlev A.N., Borshchenko S.A., Maslovsky E.A. Health-training, individual correction of the physical development and physical fitness, development of the needs and motivation to the regular physical culture and sports activities classes
Yakovlev A.N., Glushenko N.A., Bartosh A.A., Bartosh O.V., Khramova A.I. Psychological-pedagogical and medical-biological peculiarities of sports selection in cyclic sports
Yakovlev A.N., Glushenko N.A., Bartosh O.V., Faleeva N.A., Ukrainian Yu.N., Gashenko O.V. Methodology and strategy of general physical and power training of female in the conditions of the university's activity
Yakovlev A.N., Grigorovich I.N. Dosing physical load in special medical groups taking into account the properties of nervous system and temperament of the involved
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A. Rationing of the power training loads at physical culture classes with regard to somatotype of females (on the example of Belarus students)
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A. Rationing of the training loads of power direction at physical education classes with regard to somatotype
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A., Gavrilik M.V., Fylypsky A.Y., Korohvych N.V. Physical training and sports activity: problem of corporality and plasticity of movements
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A., Lebed-Velikanova E.E., Shakura A.A., Milun V.S. Education of students` physical qualities controlled in a consistent manner in the conditions of the modernization of education
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A., Saskevich A.P. Definition of the rational structure of physical training for the young athletes in the structure of technical skills for playing football
Yakovlev A.N., Maslovsky E.A., Saskevich A.P. Structure and analysis of the model of creative and health -improving activity in system of the additional education of children
Yakovlev A.N., Yakovleva M.A. Creativity of character and features of sports activity in system of integrated educational space of Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation
Yakovlev D.S., Volodin V.N., Barykin S.F. Comparative analysis of physical and functional readiness of the cadets of different years of study in engineering higher military educational establishments
Yakovlev D.S., Volodin V.N., Sidorov A.V., Gysin D.R. Analysis of the physical development and physical preparedness of the regional military police of the Central Military District of Russian Ministry of Defense
Yakovlev V.A. To the issue of relevance of e-learning by using distance learning technologies
Yakovlev Y.V. Investigation of motives, determining whether the students of mountain specialties are engaged in physical culture and sports activities
Yakovlev Ya.I., Borochin M.I., Torgovkin V.G. Analysis and tournament regulations for wrestling Hapsagai in the republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Yakovlev Ya.I., Borokhin M.I., Cherkashin A.V. Development of national games of Sakha people from the 30-s to the 50-s of the XX century
Yakovlev Ya.I., Borokhin M.I., Druziyanov I.I. Chronology of studying of national games Sakha from the first half of the 18th century to the 30th years of the 20th century
Yakovlev Yu.V., Gaikalov A.P., Gorokhov A.V. Pedagogical aspects of self-development of personality of students
Yakovlev Yu.V., Kalmykov A.A., Malov V.V. Genesis and forms of manifestation of knowledge about physical recreation
Yakovlev Yu.V., Kuznetsov P.K. Features of influence of physical recreation on maintenance of human physical health
Yakovleva A.A., Yakovlev V.A. Influence of the subject of visual arts during the adaptation period of first grade schoolchildren
Yakovleva N.V. Influence of sports activity on social intelligence and divergent thinking as on the mechanism of socialisation of teenagers