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Vadiukhin P.S. Influence of the nervous system types on the level of development of physical fitness and cognitive processes of the children aged 6-7 years
Vadjuhin S.V. A professional training in branch of physical training in conditions of the university complex
Vadyukhin P.S., Vadyukhina S.L. Influence of the differentiated approach on development of mental processes at children of the advanced preschool age with various types of nervous system
Valchuck N.K., Pitkin V.A., Fedorova N.P., Tyupenkova G.E., Romanov D.A. Long distance walking as a tool for diagnosis and health promotion
Valchuk N.K., Savenko A.V., Romanov D.A. Students` personal physical culture as life activity resource
Valkovskiy V.A., Kazantsev S.A. Experience of building up information models to predict individual success of orienteers
Valkovskiy V.A., Kazantsev S.A. Verification of prediction of individual success for orienteers at the sports specialization stage
Valujskih N.V. The technology of psychology-pedagogical management of vocational educations of students in branches of high school
Van Dung Duong, Kim T.K. Evaluation of effectiveness of implementation of the program of social adaptation of foreign students by using the potential of sport and sports activities
Vanchakova N.P., Balashova I.N., Vatskel E.A., Denishenko V.A., Alempeva A.A. Specific features of psychological and educational support of speech disorder patients in the context of patient dignity investigation
Vanesyan A.S., Mokeev G.I., Shestakov K.V. Comparative characteristics of recovery of young and adult boxers through the application of health-preserving method AMERCO
Vanesyan A.S., Mokeev G.I., Shestakov K.V. New approaches to training of athletes of the highest sports mastery
Vardanyan V.T., Kozin V.V. Method of teaching to individual tactical and technical actions of 9-10-year-old hockey players based on situational tasks
Vareev I.M. Criteria for optimal cognitive development of views in the context of undergraduate cadet’s readiness to military profession
Varenikov N.A., Berezhnaya I.F., Germanov G.N. Structure of moral and strong-willed qualities at the young athletes who are engaged in wrestling
Varenikov N.A., Popova I.E., Babueva M.G., Popova E.S., Zenin A.M. Professional self-determination of students engaged in martial arts
Varenikov N.A., Popova I.E., Gubin O.V., Sandrakov M.S. Training to technique and tactics of fighting in mixed martial combat (MMA)
Varentsov M.A. Development of the professional competencies of the military schools cadets through the integration of the interdisciplinary knowledge
Varinov V.V., Romashevskaya N.I. Documentation support system organization of physical training of cadets at the Kuzbass Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia
Vaseltsova I.A. Development of emotional stability among the students of the transport university in the process of professionally applied physical preparation
Vaseltsova I.A. Elements of the healthy lifestyle inside the information content of the structural components of the students` psychophysical readiness for professional activity
Vaseltsova I.A. Formation of the components of psychophysical potential in system of professionally applied physical training among students of transport university
Vaseltsova I.A. Logic contents of professional - applied physical preparation of the students of technical high schools structuring
Vaseltsova I.A. The complex of training assets for professional applied physical education of students
Vaseltsova I.A., Brodetskiy A.B., Cherkasova L.N. Formation of professionally significant qualities of future specialists of building profile on transport by means of athletic gymnastics
Vaseltsova I.A., Brodetskiy A.B., Petrov S.A. Professional graphic analysis of engineering and technical activities on the railway transport in the aspect of formation of psychophysical reliability of specialists
Vaseltsova I.A., Brodetskiy A.B., Petrov S.A. Study of motivation to engagement in physical culture of students youth
Vaseltsova I.A., Cherepanova M.A. Formation of professionally significant psychophysical qualities at students of specialization "Highway transport" means of basketball
Vaseltsova I.A., Mikhailova O.N., Cherepanova M.A. Formation of professional competence of health saving among the students of railway universities
Vasenin G.A., Germanov G.N., Mashoshina I.V. Parameters of the week motor regime of pupils preparing for passing the norms of "Ready to Work and Defense" complex of the III-IV step
Vasenin G.A., Germanov G.N., Mashoshina I.V. Rationing of the motion state for the pupils at the age 11-13 years at school "full day"
Vasil'eva Z.V. Grounding of the method of training simulators and special exercises in training athletes orienteering
Vasilenko T.V., Drynova M.V. Prevailing strategy of behavior of the faces, suffering the chronic dermatosis
Vasilets V.V., Kostjuchenko V.F., Vrublevsky E.P. Comparative analysis of changes of componential structure of the body under the influence of training loading of health-improving character
Vasilevskiy D.K., Ovchinnikov V.P. Pedagogical and psychophysiological mechanisms for ensuring the target accuracy of technical and tactical actions of basketball players
Vasilevskiy D.K., Petrova V.I., Ovchinnikov V.P. Analysis of indicators of competitive activity of young basketball players in the moment of transition to the first club teams