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Lada S.S. Research of empathy in the “coach-athlete” system at the stage of higher sportsmanship
Lada S.S., Filatova N.P. Process of moral qualities formation among the future physical culture and sport teachers within the educational process at the Olympic reserve college
Ladygina E.B., Deliagina O.N. Means of the adaptive physical culture in correctional and logopedic process of overcoming of the general underdevelopment of the speech at children of the younger preschool age
Lagutin A.B., Kochengina E.S. Initial sports training of children at preschool age
Lagutina M.D. Olympic parade is a phenomenon of the modern world
Lagutina P.M., Lagutin M.P. Diagnostic value of structural and functional indices of foot under physical loads among 18-20 years women
Laktionova E.G., Fedyakin A.A., Zaplatina N.Yu., Mukminova G.R. Effectiveness of integrated methods for health physical training with elderly women
Laktionova E.G., Fedyakina L.K., Nefedova N.M., Mukminova G.R. Bioimpedance analysis of body composition as a method of assessing the functional asymmetry of the students
Laktionova E.G., Fedyakina L.K., Tumasyan J.A., Mukminova G.R. Body composition dynamics and motor activity of the female-students within the elective disciplines in physical education
Laktionova E.G., Kortava Z.G., Zaplatina N.Yu., Mukminova G.R. Dynamics of functional readiness of girls in the process of health-improving physical culture in special medical groups
Laktionova E.G., Nefedova N.M., Mukminova G.R. Efficiency of complex use of means of physical culture during the health groups lessons
Lalaeva E.Yu. Analysis techniques of connection of the jump with change of legs in the splits and back flips on a balance beam
Lalaeva E.Yu., Vishnyakova S.V., Novokschenova O.I. Features of improvement of coordination training of athletes in aesthetic gymnastics
Lalaeva Е.Ю., Vishnyakova S.V., Novokshchenova O.I Means of aesthetic gymnastics for the formation of correct posture of preschool children
Lalakov G.S. The determination of advisable and possible training loads, developing speed and speed-strength qualities of high qualification football players
Lalayeva E.U. Methods of the technical skill increase among the high qualification gymnasts
Lampusova Yu.L. Using of methods of argumentation by the security officer of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs bodies
Lanina S.Yu. Brainstorming as a teaching method in mathematics classes for future economists
Lanina S.Yu. Characteristics of the conditions for adaptation of graduates of institutions of secondary vocational education to professional activities
Lanina S.Yu. Ecological culture of schoolchildren
Lanina S.Yu. Ecologization of school economic education
Lanina S.Yu. Efficiency of interactive methods of teaching mathematics at teacher training
Lanina S.Yu. Factors of professional development of rural school teacher
Lanina S.Yu. Features of the organization of the educational process in rural schools and small towns
Lanina S.Yu. Features of the use of digital tools in teaching mathematics
Lanina S.Yu. Implementation of mixed learning in the electronic educational environment of the university
Lanina S.Yu. Methodological features of the organization of creative activity in mathematics lessons
Lanina S.Yu. Methodological features of the organization of practice-oriented education in higher education
Lanina S.Yu. Methodological features of the organization of the educational process with students of the third age in digital financial literacy
Lanina S.Yu. Methods of teaching digital financial literacy to adults
Lanina S.Yu. Organization of practical training for "Professional Education" master students
Lanina S.Yu. Professional adaptation of graduates of secondary vocational education institutions
Lantseva N.A. Intensification of process of figure skating training for children of younger school age in the conditions of mass forms of preparation
Lantseva N.A. Peculiarities of manifestation of foot arch tactile sensibility and vestibular stability of young figure – skaters (5 – 7 aged) at different sliding regimes
Lantseva N.A., Nikolaev A.N. Special features of the application of ideomotor training in figure skating
Lapaeva A.G., Tabakov S.E. Analytical review of athletes returning to active judo after reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament