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Jaghinyan L.A. Information support of the professional volleyball club management
Jaghinyan L.A. Justification of the possibility of applying the volleyball as a means of professionally-applied physical preparation of bachelors with profile "technological machines and equipment» in Forestry University
Jagodkin G.A. Pedagogical technology of professional and physical preparation of airborne troops military men for carrying out the combat mission in the conditions of local conflicts
Jaichnikov I.K. Physiological indicators of homeostatic reliability of athletes` body - "temperature"
Jakimovich E.P. Higher school educational environment as the factor of the personal and professional development of physical culture teachers
Jakimovich E.P. Value judgment of the pedagogical higher school educational environment by the physical training faculty students
Jakovlev J.V., Rudenko G.V., Mitin A.E. Increase of motivation of students of technical university to physical culture lessons based on humanitarian technologies
Jakovlev V.B. Self-development of cadets in the educational environment of military higher
Jakovlev Y.V., Rudenko G.V.
Jakovleva N.V., Aref'ev A.A., Silina J.V., Kushtan T.J. Psychosocial predictors of psychosomatic disorders among dentists
Jakovleva N.V., Silina J.V., Arefyev A.A., Telepnev N.A., Choi V.S. Correction of maladaptive neuro-mental state of physicians of middle and old age
Jakovleva N.V., Silina J.V., Arefyev A.A., Telepnev N.A., Zhdanova I.V. Aggression and alexithymia among the doctors of advanced age with various types of behavioral activity
Jalilov A.V., Makhov A.S. Problems and prospects of development of Sambo for persons with hearing impairments in Russia
Jalilov A.V., Makhov A.S. Technique of occupations by sambo for the children aged 12-14 years with hearing disorder
Jarovinskaya A.V. Attitude to illness of the persons suffering from alcoholic dependence at the 1st stage of the addiction
Jassar Dzhassim Sabah. Interrelations of components of tactical readiness and success of competitive activity of young basketball players
Jassim Rana Abdalsstar Jassim. Model of readiness Iraqi students – future teachers of physical culture to healthy lifestyle schoolchildren
Jassim Rana Abdalsstar Jassim. National features of the preparation of future physical culture teachers for the promotion of schoolchildren healthy life style
Jaworski V.M. Methods of increasing physical activity and optimization of psychophysical state of pedagogy students
Jebzeev M.M. Professional interest as a complex index of the students` attitudes to the mastered profession
Jing An, Tambovskij A.N. Technical-tactical activity of athlete from the position of sports ophthalmerogonomics
Jurchenko A.A. Features of influence of various by extent and relief of land tourist foot campaigns on physical readiness and functional status of systems of students` organism
Juzhakov D.P. Training to tactics in taekwondo-WTF at stage of initial preparation with usage of means and methods of intercultural communications