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Hagai V.S., Gerasimov A.V. Formation of psychological and emotional stability of students in military schools
Hajiyev D.M. Professional retraining on the profile sports and mass work at school and student sports club
Hakunov N.H. Pedagogical system’s innovative components for mastering the physical culture and sport` values
Halo P.V., Lebedinskaya I.G., Mishina T.G. Professional selection of sprinters on the basis of time measurement for repulsion from the support when doing running step
Hamid H.J.A. Systematic approach to the use of simulators for special strength training in the discus throw
Hamidi M.E. Pedagogical conditions of organization of foreign students’ tolerant pedagogical cooperation at University
Hamidullina G.F., Latypov I.K. Pedagogical conditions of realization of technology of sports training of young judokas of 5-7 years in sports and health-improving groups of sport schools
Hamidullina G.F., Latypov I.K. To the question of stability of the contingent of the engaged in judo sports groups of the Children's and Youth Sports School
Hamidullina G.F., Piterkina M.V., Prorokova A.G. Studying the motives for playing sports and martial arts among the students during elective courses in physical education
Hamidullina G.F., Piterkina M.V., Soldatova S.O. Special exercises from martial arts as variable part of elective courses in physical education
Hamzina L.N., Ageeva N.A., Pakhomov A.V., Tyupenkova G.E., Romanova M.L. Scientific-theoretical competence of higher educational establishment teacher
Han Chao, Hao Tszjun. Formation of the readiness for competition of spear throwers
Han Chao. The influence of psychological readiness for competitions on success of throwers` performance
Han Xiaodan. Exploration of the creative and choreographic elements of an international standard dance performance
Hanov R.G., Grishina E.I., Surnin D.I. Formation of the highly qualified football player’s mobilization readiness for competition
Harlampenkova J.A., Dardanova N.A. Consideration of somatic features of women at childbearing age in the organization of training on various kinds aerobics
Harutyunyan T.G., Pyzh V.V. Interrelation of physical and patriotic education as a microelement of preparation of future defenders of the fatherland
Hasanov I.T. The structure features of the attacking action teams in handball
Hashim Y. Hassan. Analysis of the physical performance of “Arbil” football team during the acclimatization period
Hasin L.A., Buryan S.B., Drozdov A.L. Method of calculation of forces applied by the athlete to the bar based on mathematical modelling and algorithms of filtration
Hasin L.A., Drozdov A.L. Analysis of weightlifting jerk. Catch phase
Hasin L.A., Drozdov A.L. Technique and results of analysis of technique of classical snatch performance
Hasin L.A., Rafalovich A.B. Microstructure of technology of performance of jerk of the bar by weight-lifters of high qualification
Hasin L.A., Rafalovich A.B., Androsov P.A. Comparative analysis of time-space characteristics of snatch of the bar in successful and unsuccessful attempts of weight-lifters of high qualification
Heinze R., Esipovich L., Daumann F., Kolomietz O.I. International integration of selected Russian national sports
Hlopova T.P., Shaposhnikova T.L., Romanova M.L. Information technologies in the management of scientifically-educational sphere of region (on the example of Krasnodar territory)
Hlopova T.P., Shaposhnikova T.L., Romanova M.L., Ushakov A.R. The mathematical models of educational process
Hoda L.D. Fundamental components of social integration methodology of deaf people in adaptable physical culture
Hoda L.D., Faynfeld I.A., Ivanova V.A. Integration of professional activity of specialists of correctional preschool educational institution at carrying out various forms of locomotors activity
Holzer A.N., Dzhumok A.A. Application of kinesiotaping for the tennis players aged 8-9 years old with the deformation of the foot arch during training sessions
Holzer A.N., Masyagina N.V., Zhuravlyov K.D., Ovchinnikov V.I., Korsakova Ya.N. Improvement of professional competencies of coaching staff, aimed at effective implementation of coaching activities
Homichev Ja.Yu., Artemyev A.A., Levina I.L. History of physical culture formation in the Russian system of higher education
Homjakov G.K., Utjasheva I.M. Index of efficiency of blood circulation as an indicator of functional condition of heart-vascular system
Homyakov G.K. CrossFit as a factor improving functioning of nervous system
Homyakov G.K. Index of efficiency of blood circulation as a method of control for optimization of physical load
Homyakov G.K. Index of efficiency of blood circulation as operational indicator of management of training process