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Gaberkorn I.I. Formation of healthy lifestyle in the course of valeological education of pupils
Gadanov A.S., Gadanov Z.S. Research of indicators of professional and personal development of fighters on the basis of interactive methods of pedagogical influence (on judo example)
Gadjiev D.A., Nutsalov N.M. Fitness programs in correction of component body composition of students
Gaidukov A.N. Conditions of formation of professional competences in the process of physical education of the students of railway technical school
Gaidukov A.N., Fyodorov V.V. Theoretical approaches to the problem of integration of the professional competences of future locomotive engineers
Gajdadina I.I., Balandin V.A., Chernyshenko J.K. Influence of joint physical culture and sports activity in family on perception by children at the age of 5-6 years old of intrafamily relations
Galai O.I., Sannikova N.I., Eremeev S.I. Health status of students of the Northern Ob special branch
Galanava S.S. Comparative analysis of regulatory requirements for testing students’ level of being “Ready for labour and defense” (III stage)
Galimov A.M., Alexandrova O.V. Educational effect: nature and manifestation mechanisms in higher education
Galitsin S.V., Dubrovin K.N., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A. Analysis of scored and missed goals from 12-meters penalties in the SKA-Neftyanik (Khabarovsk) team games in the Russian hockey championship with a ball among super League for season 2016-2017
Galitsin S.V., Dubrovin K.N., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Bondarenko Yu.A. Analysis of missed goals of team SKA-Neftyanik (Khabarovsk) in the Russian championship on bandy among teams of Super Liga in seasons 2015-2018
Galitsin S.V., Dubrovin K.N., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Ziganshin R.O. Analysis of the goals of SKA-Neftyanik team (Khabarovsk) in the Russian championship on hockey with a ball among teams of super Liga, seasons 2015-2018
Galitsin S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Dubrovin K.N., Tkachenko P.A. Analysis of performance of HC “SKA-Neftyanik” on World Cup from 2016 till 2018
Galitsyn S.V. Theoretical aspects for optimization of the physical condition of adolescents to prevent their misbehavior in various typological groups during sports activities and physical training
Galitsyn S.V., Chiligin D.V., Tkachenko P.A., Ziganshin O.Z. Development of bandy as high performance sport in the Khabarovsk territory throughout the period 2000 - 2015
Galitsyn S.V., Sergoyan A.S. Evaluation of specialists in the process of mastering “Sambo to school” program-methodical complex in the territory of the Far Eastern federal district
Galitsyn S.V., Tkachenko P.A., Vdovina V.V. Peculiarities of activity of children and youth sports school in Seaside region
Galitsyn S.V., Tkachenko S.A., Bukharkov V.V. Stages of development of advertising in the Olympic movement
Galitsyn S.V., Tkachenko S.A., Bukharkov V.V. Television-marketing and documentation-network stages in the evolution of advertising in the Olympic movement
Galitsyn S.V., Vdovina V.V., Dyakonova T.M. Attitude of Khabarovsk city citizens towards sports and physical education activity
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Chiligin D.V., Kramarenko A.L., Popov P.D. Functional states of players of the «SKA – Neftyanik-2005» bandy team in the preparatory period
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Dubrovin K.N., Ershov N.E., Tkachenko P.A. Neural networks application for attendance prediction of football matches
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Belozerov A.V., Popov P.D. Analysis of performance indicators for activities of the regional state autonomous institution sports school “Khabarovsk regional center for the development of bandy”
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Dyadkin A.V. Analysis of development of open amateur bandy league in Khabarovsk territory
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Shishenkov V.M., Popov P.D. Investigation of competitive actions of leaders of top Superliga bandy teams
Galitsyn S.V., Ziganshin O.Z., Tkachenko P.A., Tyukhay N.V. Analysis of activity of children-youth sports school "Zarya" of Khabarovsk
Galkin J.P. Physical condition as a component of professional preparedness of physical culture institute’s students
Galkin V.N., Ovchinnikov V.A. Structure and content of the training process in “Judo” for sports perfection groups in the educational establishments of the internal affairs ministry of the Russian Federation
Galkin Y.P., Komacheva O.A. Correction of feet arch among the 5-7 years old children by means of physical culture with using the playing method
Gallyamova O.N. Indicators of readiness of students for activity in technosphere safety
Gallyamova O.N. Technology of vocational techno sphere safety expert’s training in higher education institution with integrative educational approach
Gallyamova O.N., Pavlov V.V., Khalilova L.I. Efficiency of static and dynamic exercises in training to the power endurance of young skiers
Gallyamova O.N., Perepelkin V.V., Kudyasheva A.N., Seliverstova N.N. Differentiation of mandatory tests of gto complex by difficulties in their execution by university students
Galochkin G.P., Anokhina I.A., Lukin A.A., Kozlov A.E. Application efficiency for hitting trainings at preparation of combined teams of higher educational institutions in different sports
Galyautdinov M.I., Bebenin P.V., Galyautdinova L.R. Research of competitive activity at the European Winter tennis Cup at the age category fewer than 15
Galyautdinov M.I., Bezzaponny S.A., Miftachov R.F. Serving performance statistical analysis of the volleyball club "Academy-Kazan" in the 2019/2020 season