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Daev V.E., Zaytsev A.A. Application of specific methods for increasing the technical and tactical readiness of young football players
Dalsky D.D., Afanasyeva I.A., Naumenko E.V. Methods of prevention of occupational diseases in athleticism
Dalsky D.D., Afanasyeva I.A., Naumenko E.V., Matveev S.V. Programs of rehabilitation of athletes with occupational diseases
Dalsky D.D., Afanasyeva I.A., Stovbur A.P., Avramenko V.I., Vaschenko K.V. Optimization of the functional state of military personnel by means of physical training
Dalsky D.D., Naumenko E.V. Prevention of varicose illness of lower extremities among the power lifters
Dalsky D.D., Vinogradov G.P., Barabanov A.V., Afanasyeva I.A. Optimization of planning the physical loads during the athletic occupations of various types
Damadaeva A.S. Gender aspects of the sports motivation
Damadaeva A.S. Gender stereotypes relating to masculinity and feminity of both sexes athletes
Damadaeva A.S. Influence of sports doing on gender characteristics of the woman’s person
Damadaeva A.S. Role of gender characteristics of the person in the social adaptations of athletes
Damadaeva A.S. Role of sport experience for formation of the athletes` gender traits
Damadaeva A.S. Specificity of the gender differentiation of personality in sport
Damadaeva A.S. Sport important qualities of both sexes athletes` personality in masculine and feminine sports
Damadaeva A.S. Sports important male and female athletes` personality qualities
Damadanova H.D., Omarov O.N. Patriotic education of the youth in the conditions of social changes
Danilchuk V.D., Belinsky D.V., Kruzhkov D.A. Pedagogical conditions for the training of hippotherapy instructors for working with children with musculoskeletal disorders
Danilenkova V.A. Influence of the health saving technologies on the ecological educational environment of university
Danileyko M.S. Adaptation of children to school conditions by means of physical recreation
Danileyko M.S. Adaptation of children with behavior problems in school conditions by means of physical recreation
Danilov A.V. Influence of weight training on the conditions of body-building novices health
Danilova A.V., Popova A.I. Physical education as university students’ activity forming factor
Danilova E.N., Zavyalov A.I., Vlasenko A.A. Modern trends in the development of health training
Danilova E.N., Zavyalov A.I., Vlasenko A.A., Ulanov V.N. Features of organization of athleticism training sessions for female students
Darbinyan E.V. Value-evolving capacities of educational discipline “Pedagogy” in educational process of the University of the National Guard of the Russian Federation
Darbinyan E.V., Sharuhin A.P. Model of valuable-forming training to "Pedagogy" of cadets of military Universities of the National Guard of the Russian Federation and its implementation in subjective education
Dardanova N.A. Estimation of the level of physical fitness for school-studying among 6-8 years old children with various somatic types
Dardanova N.A. Individualization of physical training for the children aged 6-7 years old for studying in school
Dardanova N.A. Upgrading of physical education of senior preschoolers during the stage of preparation for school
Daschan V.M. The formation of volitional qualities of military men as a means of conflict competence’s improvement with help of physical culture lessons
Dashinorboev V.D,. Kostryushina N.V. The formation of professional qualities of students of technical professions by means of physical culture and sports
Dashinorboev V.D., Alekseev I.S. Physical degree of wrestlers’ training in rehabilitation period after lower extremity injury
Dashinorboev V.D., Matveyeva D.G., Dobchinova V.V. The problem of interlinguistic and intercultural communication in different activities
Dashinorboev V.D., Phedotova N.Y. The improvement of speed endurance of track and field athletes in mountain conditions
Dashinorboyev V.D., Platonova R.I. Regional aspects of forming a competitive specialist in the conditions of pedagogical high school establishment
Dashkin V.M. To the question of formation of psychology and pedagogical competence of cadets of military higher education institution of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation
Datsenko S.S., Dmitrenko L.A. Contents peculiarities of volleyball players’ tactical training in groups during the preparatory period of the year cycle