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Chapskaya Y.M. Pedagogical technology of formation of the professional orientation among the trained in higher schools of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency situations of Russia
Chastyhyn A.A., Agafonov V.N., Simonov S.N., Kolomiets O.I. Multidimensional modeling of determination of the age dynamics of motor abilities of schoolchildren
Chayka J.Yu., Bakulina E.D., Ivashkova C.E., Petrova M.A. Features of practice extreme sports in the dynamics of ovarian-menstrual cycle
Chaykovskaya O.O. Formation by All-Russian sports federations of requirements to performance of sports ranks and sports categories in cyclic sports (rowing on canoe and kayaks, rowing and triathlon)
Chayun D.V., Kletsov K.G. Acrobatic exercises in individual competitive programs of highly skilled aerobist
Chebakova Yu.V., Parshukov A.Yu., Sekova O.S. Influence of social probability of context on generalization during schizotypal disorder
Chechetkina I.S., Petrov A.A., Solnyshkina Yu.O., Mitusova Yu.V. Estimation of effectiveness of aerobics classes with female students of a special medical group
Chechetkina I.S., Petrov A.A., Solnyshkina Yu.O., Mitusova Yu.V. Estimation of the effectiveness of aerobics classes with female students of a special medical group
Chechetkina I.Yu., Medvedev A.V., Shakhov V.V., Finikova O.V. Factors determining the need to use the game with one hand in qualified volleyball players
Chedov K.V. Factors causing formation of culture of health of the personality
Chedov K.V. Theoretical and methodological bases of formation the culture of health of students
Chedova T.I. Preferences of students in the choice of sports in the development of applied physical culture
Chedova T.I., Gavronina G.A. Formation of motivation-volitional properties of students personality of sports club of the University
Chedova T.I., Gavronina G.A. Research of volitional qualities of sportsmen-orienteers of different sports mastery
Chekaleva N.V. The changes in the educational process of modern university
Chekalina N.V., Yakovleva L.V., Sirakovskaya J.V., Ilicheva O.V., Ezhova A.V. Improvement of the system of sectional employment of volleyball at higher students on the basis of complex use of means of sports games
Chekhranov Yu.V. About methodology of physical preparation of cadets of educational institutions of the MIA of Russia
Chemerchey O.A. Classification of motor symmetry - asymmetry of the upper and lower extremities under execution of technical actions in applied-oriented types of single combats
Chemov V.V., Barabankina E.Y., Tcherkashin V.P. Optimization of functional and physical readiness of runners on average distances by means of gipercapnic impacts on respiratory system
Chemov V.V., Fatyanov I.A. Model of conversion of the efficiency in the adjacent competitive disciplines for marathon athletes
Chemov V.V., Gritsenko S.L. Optimization of functional preparation of athletes-throwers by means of hypoventilating modes of breath
Chemov V.V., Gritsenko S.V. Methodology for increase of endurance through the integrated application of the physical loads and arbitrary hypoventilation in training of middle distance runners
Chemov V.V., Gritzenko S.L., Gorbanyova E.P., Solopov A.I. Training of the athletes with interval resistive-respiratory loads
Chemov V.V., Maslennikov A.V., Zaiko D.S., Dmitriev I.V. Integration of moto exercises and additional ergogenic means in track athletes training
Chemov V.V., Moskalev O.A., Barabankina E.Yu. Studying of extent of influence of various ergogenic means on the components of functional readiness of the average distances runners
Chempalova L.S., Krasilnikov A.N. Statistical analysis of the activities of institutions of additional professional education
Chempalova L.S., Trofimov V.N. Dynamics of the state level of health and physical fitness of students of Samara State Technical University
Chentsov D.N. The methodology of carrying out the lessons of physical training with employees of military diving divisions
Chepik V.D., Reysterman T.V. Formation of the profile information competence of tourism managers
Cheranev A.P. Formation of socially significant qualities at cadets of financial and economic high school
Cherbieva S.V., Bostanova S.N. Empirical study of educational stress among the students
Cheredina T.V., Romanenko N.I. Technique of development of strength abilities in preparatory period of female players aged 15-16 years old based on pump-training
Cheremisova I.V., Suleymanov N.L. Tactical thinking of a weightlifting coach under conditions of competitive activity
Chereneva E.A. Technology of psychological diagnostics of disorders of health of children with cognitive deficiency
Cherepanov V.S., Bykov E.V. Integral evaluation performance of football players in shuttle test of 10x30 meters
Cherepanov V.S., Loginov V.V., Bakhareva A.S. Technic analysis of double poling on ski ergometer