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Сысоев Ю.В., Федорива-Шпаер А.А. Скоростно-силовой профиль мышц нижних конечностей у женщин-спринтеров различной квалификации

High-speed and power profile of muscles of lower extremities at female sprinters of various qualifications
Yuri Vasilyevich Sysoev, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor,
Master of Sports of the USSR,
Moscow State University of Education, Moscow,
Aleksandra Andreevna Fedoriva-Shpaer, the coach-methodist,
Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation,
Moscow Humanities University, Moscow

The article gives the analysis of explosive force of muscles of the lower extremities in women-sprinters with different qualifications. It is noted that the functional speed-strength profile is an important method of evaluation of special physical fitness of athletes specializing in sprint.
Keywords: sprint, J-gradient of muscle strength (explosive strength), muscle strength of lower limbs.
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