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Aliev E.G. To enhance organizational activities for development of domestic mini-football (futsal) 9
Alifirov A.I., Makhova A.V. Professional orientation of children with disabilities by means of chess 13
Аntipenkova I.V., Kireeva A.V. Optimization of sports and recreational activities of office employees in modern conditions of operation of financial organization 19
Ashastin B.V. Knowledge of mechanisms of exchange violations – motive to the healthy lifestyle of student's youth 24
Boyko N.A., Kilasiev I.A. Experience of application of modern technologies of training for children with delay of mental development at physical education classes 29
Borodinevsky D.V. Some results of monitoring the physical and functional status of young athletes in Tyumen 32
Borodinevsky D.V. Synergistic nature of innovation project – "Monitoring of health and physical preparedness of young sportsmen" 35
Burdeyny A.A., Shchegolev V.A., Prokopchuk S.S., Zefirova E.V. Preliminary military physical training of the Israel youth 37
Garina E.V., Lepeshkina S.V. Evaluation of the results of mastering the subject "Physical culture" of the students 6-7 classes 41
Gzhemskaya N.H., Pavlov V.V., Snesarev S.A. Features of physical development of boys aged 8-10 years under various motor activities 45
Gusarov A.V., Ereshko N.E., Yasharova M.V., Makhov A.S., Klimenko S.V. Research of influence of static exercises with passive deflection on tonus of the paravertebral muscles 48
Zakharkin I.V., Mikhno L.V., Swed S.I., Chichelov I.A. Model of quantitative measurement of effectiveness of attacking and defensive actions of team in ice hockey 53
Zelenin L.A. Pedagogical features, difficulties and complexity in the context of the interconnected formation of ability to master equilibrium and techniques of rowing with application of training complex 59
Zelenin L.A. Formation of competences when getting training of young rowers to the equilibrium ability by means of training complex 64
Zuev V.N., Mokeev G.I., Sattarov N.G. Legal fundamentals for synergy managerial effect in social and economic working conditions, specialists in industry of physical culture and sports 69
Kareva Yu.Yu., Shikhovtsov Yu.V., Nikolaeva I.V., Nikolaev P.P. Stochastic modeling is effective method of research in volleyball 75
Kizko A.P. To the question of validity of one of the sports theory and practice axioms 82
Kozlov A.V., Budarnikov A.A. Experience in the development of universal competence of physical culture of educational programs for higher education 89
Krasnikova O.S. Assessment of readiness of female volleyball school team for gaming activities of setter 93
Larin O.S., Tsyganov D.I. Definition of equivalence of tests for assessment of technical readiness of young footballers aged 15-16 years old 98
Lomakina E.V., Tabakov S.E. Main aspects of program and methodical complex approbation for students attending 1-11 classes on the basis of sambo 101
Losin B.E., Razak A.A.Z.S.A., Yakhontov E.R. Correlation of indicators of dexterity and efficiency of game activities of young skilled basketball players aged 16-18 years old 108
Maksimov N.V. Development of legal culture of servicemen is necessary condition of legal life of society 113
Manshin B.G. Studying of capabilities of kickboxers at the stage of initial training to success of training to technical actions 116
Minyaylenko N.N., Chistyakov V.A. Importance of research supervisor in system of distance learning of graduate military course of military higher education institution 123
Nazarenko A.F. Methodology of work of the official making decisions on organization of educational process, development of training modules for implementation of its integrative quality management method 130
Opletin A.A., Pelmenev V.K. Self-development of student’s personality on the basis of use of means of tourism 134
Pauls A.A. Financial analysis as a tool of implementation of method of projects in the block of economic disciplines when training students of higher education institutions of physical culture 137
Pashchenko L.G. Morphofunctional indices of the male students with different physical activity 141
Pashchenko L.G., Zhalbe M.G. Development of professionally significant psychophysical qualities of future electropower engineering specialists 145
Podlivayev B.A., Korzhenevsky A.N., Smirnova N.V. Increase of efficiency of preparation of women of high qualification specializing in free-style wrestling 150
Potapova M.V., Tsilitsky V.S. Individual trajectory of tutorial support of educational process as social problem 158
Rosenfeld A.S., Samatova Z.R. Self-development of person of middle age: essence, problems, specifics 163
Svetlichkina A.A., Dorontsev A.V. Morphofunctional changes of cardiovascular system of sportsmen involved in rowing and canoeing 169
Sekletsov N.S., Matveeva O.M., Shestakov O.M. Content of specialized activities of student rescue team members 172
Semenov L.A. Dynamics of state of conditioned physical readiness of primary, basic and secondary (full) school students 177
Semenova S.M., Lavrentyeva D.A. Features of physical development and physical preparation of girls and boys aged 11-12 years old involved in swimming 182
Sergeev A.I., Dolbonosov S.M. Specificity of long-term competitive activity of young poliathlon athletes of different age groups 186
Sivak A.N., Minyaylenko N.N. Indicators of readiness of officers for independent scientific activity in the graduate military course of military higher education institutions of troops of National Guard of the Russian Federation 190
Silovanova I.M., Ivanova N.Yu., Sergeev A.I. Determination of level of methodical readiness of parents of primary school children in physical education and healthy lifestyle 194
Simakov A.M. Features of integrated system of preparation in taekwondo at the stage of sports specialization in age group of 13-15 years 197
Slugachev E.M. Problem of resistance of racing skiers to physical loads in extreme conditions of sport activity 204
Starodubtsev M.P., Ivanenko T.A. Analysis of motives determining direction of physical exercises of the students 208
Stepina T.Yu. Some features of sports preparation of crew of oarsmen of the many-placed Dragon boat 212
Tabakov S.E., Lomakina E.V. Main aspects of approbation of standard requirements to "self-defense without weapon" of the IV-VI levels of the All-Russian sports complex "Ready for labor and Defense" 217
Taymazov A.B., Tarakanov B.I. Features of conducting the final matches by high-class fighters 223
Taymazov V. A., Bakulev S.E., Pavlenko A.V., Simakov A. M., Chistyakov V.A. Development of means of pedagogical control of general physical fitness of highly skilled boxers 227
Turchin A.S. Work with text in the course of distance support of higher school education 232
Usoltseva S.L. Genesis of physical culture and sports in the Urals until 1917 240
Holzer A.N., Masyagina N.V., Zhuravlyov K.D., Ovchinnikov V.I., Korsakova Ya.N. Improvement of professional competencies of coaching staff, aimed at effective implementation of coaching activities 245
Chernetsov M.M., Pegov V.A. Formation of game thinking in the aspect of holistic human being 250
Chernysheva E.N., Nikitushkin V.G., Razinov Yu.I. Control of power movements of sports veterans on the basis of neurophysiological features 255
Shustikov G.B., Fedorov V.G., Nechaeva E.A. Increase in reliability of means of conducting the fight and wrong actions of the judge in fencing on sabers 260
Schetinina S.Yu. Practical recommendations on integrated educative physical-sports environment organization 264