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Psychological science

Psychological science 211
Alekhin A.N., Mikhailenko V.S., Petrov V.A., Pultсina K.I. Regular phases of dynamics of psychological adaptation to the extreme environmental conditions 211
Kozlov V.V., Lazareva Yu.N. Dynamics of personality changes in the training environment: results of the multi-factor analysis 215
Lugovskikh T.N., Kuzmenko G.A. Analysis of motives of teenagers-sportsmen`s sports and educational activity under integration circumstances of sports and regular schools` education programs 220
Lutkovа N.V., Solominina K.S., Makarov Yu.M. Regression model for the efficiency indicators of gaming actions in situations with various degrees of mental and emotional tension among women's volleyball players aged 16-18 years 231
Nikitin A.A., Zakrevskaya N.G., Dmitriyeva E.S. Psychological control of preparedness of table tennis players (girls aged 11-13 years) 239
Podobedov V.N., Gradskova U.V. Psychological characteristics of people at working age with high risk of suicidal behavior 243
Solodkov A.S., Yusupov V.V., Chernega I.M., Dnov K.V., Yatmanov A.N. Medical and psychological support of the military age students 247