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Lagutin A.B., Kochengina E.S. Initial sports training of children at preschool age

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2015.06.124.p118-124
Initial sports training of children at preschool age
Andrey Borisovich Lagutin, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor,
Ekaterina Sergeyevna Kochengina, the post-graduate student,
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, Moscow

The article presents the experimental validation of the "Program of initial sports training", used for the purpose of formation of the motor abilities at preschool children and willingness to continue the regular sports practice during the primary school education. Motor content of the “Program” has included the basic exercises ("all-developing") of gymnastics focused on the versatile physical training, the formation of "basic" motor skills of the universal character and development of the ability to quick and secure mastering of the new forms of movements. The program widely used the methods of psychological and pedagogical influence, forming the motivation to the regular sports exercises. Motor component of the effectiveness of training under the pilot program was determined with the tests assessing the level of technical and physical readiness of the children, motivational – with the methods of practical psychology.
Keywords: universal motor skills, motor coordination abilities, training to motor actions, motivation to exercises.
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